Science & Robotics Projects

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Welcome to Skylight Academy Science & Robotic World It is a fun and simple way to get younger students exposed to basic engineering concepts at an early age, also creative thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Skylight Academy Experts make  an easy-to-use Science platform that introduces young students to hands-on learning .

Program your robot to navigate, move around the room, sing a song or possibly even dance. Create your own indoor obstacle course and get the robot to identify, steer around obstacles.

Why Robotics for School Students?

Many researchers have been investigating the use of robots to support education. Studies have shown that robots can help students develop problem-solving abilities and learn computer programming, mathematics, and science. The educational approach based mainly on developing logic and creativity in new generations since the first stage of earlier stage of education.

Skylight Academy vioce control robot

IOT Projects

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Skylight Academy Line follor robot

Electrical Sciences Projects

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Skylight Academy pick and play robot


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Skylight Academy eadge detection robot

STEM Projects for School Students

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Science & Robotics Workshops

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