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The World is Computerized. Are You?

Basic Computer Skills Training Classes

Do you know computer literates are 35% efficient than others? Yes, computer literacy can not only gets you better jobs but also helps you manage your lives more efficiently. The best part of computer education is that it can be learned by all – school-going kids, housewives, working-professionals, businessmen, adults, retired persons, educated or uneducated.

What You Get from Our Computer Training

You’ll be introduced to the world of computers with our specially designed best computer course in a convenient way. You’ll be imparted with the basic computer skills that are essential to survive in today’s computer-dominated world. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to use computer on your own for all your basic purposes in personal or professional life. You’ll be in a position to write personal/business letters on computer, browse internet for all that you want, send and receive emails, use internet banking services, make video calls, book train or flight tickets, make online shopping, watch entertaining videos and what not !

Who Can Join Our Computer Classes

Join the best computer training institute in Bangalore today. Computers are people-friendly. It can be learned by all regardless of age, gender and profession barriers. Housewives, school-kids, youth, businessmen, working professionals, adults, retired and senior citizens all alike can learn computers to make your personal and professional lives enriched.

What’s the Duration

The course would run for 40 hours that includes 10 hrs. of Theory, 30 hrs of Practicals and an additional 3 hrs. Course-end Test. Call our team today and feel free to discuss about the course and fee details.

What is Content

Have a look at the below chart to get to know the exciting content waiting for you.

Knowing computer basics
Experiencing with Operating System (OS)
Understanding MS Word
Using MS Excel
Making effective presentation on MS PPT
Introduction to Internet, WWW and web browsers
Writing, sending and receiving Email , online chatting